About BacusBBQ

My name is Mark Bacus (aka BacusBBQ). I have always enjoyed grilling or cooking outside in general. I started to get more serious about it in the summer of 2020, when I was laid off from my job, due to COVID-19, and had a little more time, while searching for another job. At that point I started an Instagram page, began grilling out more, and trying new recipes while I searched for that job. Since then I’ve focused more on putting together videos that illustrate my cooks in an enjoyable way.

My goal is to provide simple recipes that anyone can follow without getting too into the weeds with each step along the way. Grilling can be extremely fun, and using recipes as a guideline, more than a hardline approach to cooking food, can make the experience all the more enjoyable.

In addition to my love of grilling, I’m happily married to my amazing wife, have 2 incredible sons, and an Irish Setter (Piper) to occupy most of my time outside of work. I really love sports (especially college football) and traveling when I get the chance.